College and University Consortium

Margaret Wrinkle

Wash author Margaret Wrinkle reads at public event sponsored by Sinclair Community College (Nov. 2015)

The College and University Consortium of the Dayton Literary Peace Prize Organization extends the reach of the DLPP through the coordination and sponsorship of related events that are made available to the academic community, as well as to the people of the greater Dayton region.

The Dayton region is known for its richness in providing exceptional and varied higher education opportunities, and the College and University Consortium provides a platform for spreading the critical message of peace. Additionally, the Consortium furthers the exposure of students, faculty, staff and the community to the nominated literary works by providing author lectures, book discussion groups, readings, writing workshops, and class activities centered on the nominated authors and their writings. These events honor the nominated and award-winning authors for their exceptional accomplishments and bring recognized writers to participating college and universities.

The Consortium also works with university faculty and students to nominate writers for the Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Consortium’s work fosters partnership and collaboration between and among the many colleges and universities who have joined to promote the Dayton Literary Peace Prize and its focal message of peace – so relevant to the history of this region and the missions of the partnering institutions.

The goal of the Consortium is to connect with colleges and universities throughout Ohio and to invite academic institutions throughout the U.S. and the world to become partners in this process. We currently have representatives in Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Virginia and Vermont as well as throughout Ohio.

If you are connected as a student, graduate or faculty member of a university that might be interested in becoming a part of the Consortium, please contact Dr. Mary Tripp Gaier, Vice President for Organizational Development, Sinclair Community College at 937-512-2163 or via email


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